Glenn Hagele
Glenn HageleCRSQA (Council for Refractive Quality Assurance) is a referral service for LASIK surgeons, operated by Glenn Hagele out of his home. Despite its pretentious name, CRSQA is just a cynical marketing ploy that “certifies” refractive surgeons willing to fork over $7,000 in the first year and $5,000/year thereafter. In exchange, Glenn Hagele provides these surgeons with a bogus seal of approval on his USAEYES.org web site to promote their practices. Don’t be fooled by Glenn Hagele’s advertising claims – CRSQA’s quality “standards” are actually below industry standards. Glenn Hagele is not qualified to issue certifications as he is not a doctor, but simply a high school graduate with a single college course in marketing.

Out of 17,000 ophthalmologists in the US, about 30-50 pay Glenn Hagele to market their practices. It is somewhat difficult to tell exactly what ophthalmologists are members of CRSQA at any one time, as Glenn Hagele has designed his web site in such a manner to implicitly suggest that 17,000 ophthalmologists are members.

The certifications Glenn Hagele provides to LASIK surgeons seem to be inspired by the popular film, “The Wizard of Oz”. In that film the wizard provided a heart to the Tin Man.

Doctors “Certified” by Glenn Hagele ¬† Doctors “Certified” by Glenn Hagele
Below is a list of just a few of the doctors who have been received “certifications” from Glenn Hagele. ¬†Links will take you to professional profiles of the doctor.Kerry Assil, MD
Jay Bansal, MD
Jack Holladay, MD
Stephen Brint, MD
Andrew Caster, MD

Ella Faktorovich , MD
Glenn Kawesch, MD
Robert Maloney, MD
Swati Singh, MD
David Wallace, MD